Academic Career


Dr. Kenneth Furton is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Provost and Executive Vice President of Florida International University. His academic career began at FIU in 1988 when he became an FIU faculty member. Since then he has authored or co-authored more than 800 publications and presentations and has been continuously funded for more than two decades with over $14 million in extramural grants.

His reach in terms of academic impact and scholarship is far-reaching and touches many aspects of his academic career choice. Regarding his impact on students, since 1991, Dr. Furton has led 54 graduate theses to completion and is currently supervising 9 graduate students in his research lab. In addition, Dr. Furton has also directed 47 undergraduate research projects since 1990. He has also been lead author or co-author on 211 journal articles since 1985 and been a speaker for over 663 presentations related to his research.

Dr. Furton has also served the community with his expert witness services based on his academic expertise. Examples of his service in this capacity include probable cause hearings, assessing the reliability of explosive detection canines, drug testing in various human and other mediums, and acting as an expert witness in the Casey Anthony Trial. These are but a few of his hundreds of community service impacts.

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