Current Projects

Current administrative projects by the Dean include:


Heading a Presidential Commission that will be called FIU – integrating Research, Engagement, Assessment and Learning (FIU iREAL). According to President Rosenberg, the time has come to take the first steps in the development of a new strategic plan, one that both builds on our significant accomplishments and prepares FIU for a future in higher education that is still technologically and pedagogically evolving. This new strategic plan will be completed by Fall 2014 to ensure full involvement of the FIU community.

Current research projects by the Dean include:


The Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines (SWGDOG) is a forum aimed at addressing the broadly expressed need to improve the performance, reliability, and courtroom defensibility of detector dog teams. It is also charged with recommending best approaches to the use of detector dogs in conjunction with electronic detection devices, or so-called orthogonal detectors. Modeled after the successful precedent of a variety of other scientific working groups, SWGDOG aims develop internationally recognized consensus-based best practice guidelines developed by a membership of respected scientists, practitioners, and policy makers representing diverse backgrounds within the detection community. SWGDOG guidelines will be made available to the public via the SWGDOG website. SWGDOG is funded by the National Institute of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Transportation Security Administration.